Surviving the Squeeze: Coping with the Cost of Living

Our 'Surviving the Squeeze' project is dedicated to providing essential support to individuals and families facing the challenges of the cost of living crisis. By providing comprehensive information, easy access to services, and expert advice, we empower our community to take advantage of the resources available to them.

Surviving the Squeeze

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In recent years, the world has experienced a series of crises, each affecting vulnerable communities disproportionately. The COVID-19 pandemic, in particular, was shown by multiple governmental and research organizations to have a devastating impact on people living in poverty. As if that were not enough, the pandemic was followed by an unprecedented cost-of-living squeeze, affecting individuals and families across the board.

Locally, the impact of this crisis was felt acutely, with a significant increase in the usage of our food bank and hot meal projects. Inflation soared, pushing more and more people into relative poverty. We recognized that this was a broader problem than just food poverty. Ordinary people were struggling to pay bills, cope with large one-time expenditures like replacing a boiler or paying a mechanic's bill, and adjusting to a new normal.

To address this, we launched a website and an in-person drop-in service at various locations across the city, bringing together different organizations and advice into one place. Our goal was to empower people with the information and resources they need to access the support available to them, beyond just food. We aim to support individuals and families in navigating this difficult period and rebuilding their lives with dignity and financial stability