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Himmah General Fund

By donating through our General Direct Debit Fund, you become a vital part of our journey. Every penny you give finds its way to where it's needed most, helping us tackle food poverty head-on. Your generosity fuels our initiatives, providing essential support to those in our community who need it most. Join us in making a real difference today!


Himmah is a grassroots community-based organisation working to fighting poverty, racism and educational inequalities. Donations made here will form part of our Zakat fund. Our Zakat fund goes towards tackling poverty on our doorstep through our food bank and hot meal provision. 

My 10 Nights

Join the Himmah My10Nights Campaign and automate your giving this Ramadan. Set up your MyTenNights and be part of a global movement striving to make a difference. Together, we can reach hearts and change lives, ensuring that every night counts towards a better tomorrow. Your generosity could be the beacon of hope someone is praying for this Ramadan. Don't let this moment pass you by. Make your mark with MyTenNights and catch Laylatul Qadr with us, insha'Allah.