Himmah's Breakfast Club

Himmah's Breakfast Club: Nourishing Minds, Empowering Futures

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Himmah's Breakfast Club: Nourishing Minds, Empowering Futures

Feeding Hope, One Breakfast at a Time

At Himmah, we understand that a good start to the day is crucial for learning and development. That's why our Breakfast Club is more than just a meal service. It's a beacon of hope for children in communities where the need is greatest.

The Heart of Our Program:

  • During Term Time: We operate during school terms, ensuring children start their day with a nutritious meal.
  • Bread for Learning: We provide 72 loaves of bread weekly, symbolizing our commitment to feeding young minds.
  • Reaching Across Communities: Currently, we serve 4 schools, including 1 in Lenton and 3 in St Anns, areas with a high percentage of children eligible for free school meals.

Why Breakfast Clubs Matter:

Breakfast is more than just the first meal of the day. It's a source of energy that fuels learning and concentration. In areas like Lenton and St Anns, where the need is pronounced, our Breakfast Club ensures that every child has the opportunity to start their day right.

Our Impact:

  • Educational Support: By providing a stable, nutritious breakfast, we help enhance children's focus and academic performance.
  • Community Engagement: Our program fosters a sense of community, bringing together students, parents, and teachers in a supportive environment.
  • Long-Term Benefits: Healthy eating habits established in childhood lead to better health and well-being in the future.

Join Us:

Your support can make a real difference. Whether through donations, volunteering, or spreading the word, every contribution counts towards combating food poverty and supporting the next generation.

For more information on how you can get involved with Himmah's Breakfast Club, volunteer or donate now