Gamble St. Corner

In February 2023, in partnership with Nottz Garden Project, we took an overgrown and derelict patch of land and transformed it into an open community garden. It now cultivates a diverse array of vegetables and flowers that are available to be picked by locals or distributed through our Food Bank.

Food Birds Eye View
Gamble Street During

Our innovative guerilla gardening project aims to rejuvenate underutilized land in our city, transforming it into a valuable resource for the most vulnerable members of our community. By revitalizing neglected urban areas through cleaning and cultivation, we are able to produce fresh, healthy produce that is distributed throughout the local community.

Gamble Street Corner


The once-forgotten land, located just a stone's throw away from Himmah, is on the corner of Forest Road West and Gamble Street. This prime location is ideal for growing a variety of vegetables and flowers that will be accessible to the local community free of charge. Our vision for this project is to create a beautiful space where volunteers, locals, food bank users, and friends can come together to grow and harvest fresh produce, learn from one another, and foster a sense of community.

To get a better idea of the location, you can view the map location and street view of the Gamble St Corner plot below: