Education Work

Correcting educational inequalities is at the heart of what we do, built on the belief that modern education needs to cater towards an ever changing and adapting world.

Since the 1870 Education Act the biggest change in state schooling has been the removal of housewifery from the national syllabus, that act was the first law to make an intention to provide schooling on a national scale mainly to deal with the problem of child labour in the factories built during the industrial revolution.

Fast forwarding 150 years, we have seen fundamental changes to the country but no fundamental change to an education system which is supposed to provide students with the tools needed to deal with the vast complexities of society productively. 

Our education work aims to fill this gap and provide knowledge where underfunded schools can't. We aim to fill gaps on culture, history, finances, soft skills, confidence building, practical skills and many more pillars of successful citizenry. 


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