'More Than Food' Report

We're thrilled that Himmah was included as a key contributor to a new report examining "More than Food" (MtF) meal services in Nottinghamshire. The report, prepared by researchers at the University of Nottingham, provides valuable insights into the important role these community-based initiatives are playing in tackling food insecurity and social isolation.

As one of the organizations represented in the project, we're honored to have our work highlighted alongside other vital providers of MtF meals across the county. The report underscores the breadth and impact of these services, which go beyond just providing food to also foster social connections, food literacy, and wider support for vulnerable individuals and families.

From our community kitchen to our holiday meal programs, Himmah is proud to be part of the network of VCS organisations in Nottinghamshire that are innovating to expand access to nutritious food and foster community resilience. The report explores how we and others are finding creative ways to leverage partnerships, share resources, and develop new models to sustain and grow these essential services.

Particularly noteworthy is the report's emphasis on the importance of integration, dialogue and collaboration across the diverse stakeholders involved in MtF meal provision. This aligns closely with Himmah's approach of working closely with local authorities, food banks, faith groups and other community organisations to coordinate efforts and maximize our collective impact.

As we continue to navigate the ongoing challenges of food insecurity and social isolation in our communities, this report offers a valuable roadmap for how we can further strengthen the capacity and reach of MtF meal services. We encourage everyone to read the full report and consider how they might get involved in supporting or expanding these vital initiatives.

You can access the report by following the below link. We're grateful to the University of Nottingham research team for shining a light on this important work, and we remain committed to playing our part in building a more food secure, connected and thriving Nottinghamshire.